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Calumet 1924 Elder Dempster A Canada- South Africa Trader
RMS Cambrian 1860 Union Line The first Union Liner to exceed 1.000 tons in size
RMS Cap Polonio 1919 Union-Castle Line A german liner surrendered to the Allies in terms of the Treaty of Versailles, she was managed by the Union-Caste Line on behalf of HM Shipping Controller.
Carisbrook Castle 1915   As a Hospital ship.
Carisbrook Castle 1898 Castle Line A Cape "flyer" of the ´nineties.
Carnarvon Castle 1867   One of Donald Currie´s East India Traders.
Carnarvon Castle 1926   The first motorship in the South African mail service.
C. de Izaguirre 1917   Sunk off Capetown with terrible loss of life, the spanish liner C. de Izaguirre, qhich struck one of the mines laid by the german raider Wolf, May 1917.
Celt II 1875 Union Line Wreck of the Union Liner Celt, near l´Aghulas, from an original drawing made on the spot.
Ceramic 1913 White Star Line  
City of Athens 1917   Victim of the Wolf´s mines, sunk off Dassen island near Capetown, 1917
City of Athens 1917   The loss of the City of Athens, survivors getting away in the boats.
City of Karachi   Ellerman & Bucknall One of the first Indian "City" liners to be placed in the Cape passanger trade after the Bucknall line was absorbed by the Ellerman Group.
City of London 1932 Ellerman & Bucknall One of the "City" liners transferred to the Cape service.
City of New York 1929 American South African Line  
City of Palermo 1921 Ellerman & Bucknall Sister to City of Alexandria, placed on the South African route in 1921
City of Vienna 1900   Off to the war. Leaving Southampton with troops for South Africa, 1900
Clan Lamont 1881 Clan Line Pioneer of the Clan line service to South Africa.
Clarendon 1857 Lindsay´s Line Cape mail steamer
Cluny Castle 1903 Castle line "Extra" steamer, sister to Comrie Castle
Colonial   Companhia Colonial de Navegaçao Portugues liner, originally Hamburg Amerika SS Ypiranga.
Comonwealth 1903 Blue Anchor Line  
Congella and Pongola 1882   The first steamers of Bullard King´s "Natal Direct" line: Congella and Pongola at Durban, 1882.
Congella 1882 Bulard King Bullard King´s second steamer
Conway Castle 1878 Castle Line Another early Castle mail steamer, wrecked near Tamatave in 1893
Coptic 1881 Shaw Savill & Albion (White Star)  
Dabulamanzi 1882 Rennie Rennie´s first "Aberdeen Direct" steamer.
Dane III 1889 Union Line Intermediate steamer, formerly P&O Australia, purchased in 1889.
Danube 1872   Off to te diamond fields: Coach leaving Capetown Docks, RMS Danube in the background
Danube 1872 Union Line  
Demosthenes 1911 Aberdeen Line Themistocles identical in appearance.
Diogenes 1922 Aberdeen Line The last vessel built for George Thompson´s Aberdeen line.
Doune Castle 1890 Castle Line he first Castle liner specially designed for the intermediate service. Sister to Lismore Castle.
Dover Castle II 1904 Union- Castle Line Intermediate steamer, sister to Durham Castle and Dunluce Casstle
Drummond Castle 1896 Castle Line Lost off Ushant June, 1896. Out of 245 souls on board only three were saved
Duart Castle 1879 Castle Line Formerly named Adjutant, similar to Taymouth Castle. These ships were usually employed as "extra" steamers, a sthe "intermediate" were first called.
Dublin Castle 1877 Castle Line Similar to Dunrobin Castle, Balmoral Castle, Warwick Castle and Conway Castle
Duke of Sutherland     A Cape emigrant steamer of the eighties, international liner.
Dunbar Castle (I) 1883 Castle Line Sister to Methven Castle, forerunners of the regular intermediate steamers.
Dunbar Castle II 1930 Castle Line Intermediate motorship
Dunkeld 1878 Donald Currie Coaster steamer
Dunluce Castle 1914 Castle Line In war paint, ready to embark troops at Capetown, August 24, 1914.
Dunolly Castle 1897 Castle Line Intermediate steamer, sister to Raglan Castle
Dunotar Castle 1890 Donald Currie Castle Line Record breaker of 1890
Dunrobin Castle 1876 Castle Line First of the "Castles" to be specially designed for the Cape trade. Similar to Balmoral Castle, Dublin Castle, Warwick Castle and conway Castle
Dunvegan Castle 1896 Castle Line Similar to Tantallon Castle
Durban 1878 Union Line Wrecked off Tenerife in 1893.
Durham Castle 1904 Castle line First intermediate steamer built for the Union-Castle Line. Sister to Dover Castle (II) and Dunluce Castle.