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Ebani 1915   The South SAfrican Hospital Ship Ebani. Employed during the campaign against German South-West Africa 1914-1915
Edinburgh Castle (I) 1873   Sister to the record breaking Windosr Castle (I)
Edinburgh Castle (II) 1910 Union-Castle The last Cape vessel built to the order of Donald Currie & Co. Sister to the Balmoral Castle (II)
Eduard Bohlen 1909 Woermann Line Coaster, wrecked on the coast of South-West Africa, 1909
Elizabeth martin 1872 Donald Currie A one time mail steamer, she was transferred to the South African coast in 1877.
RMS England     Pioneer of the second mail steamship line to the Cape: W:S: LIndsay´s RMS England
Enterprise 1825   The first steamship seen in south african waters.
Euripides 1914 Aberdeen  
European 1872 Union Line  
Field Marshall   Union-Castle Formerly DOAL Feldmarshall. A prize steamer managed by the Union- Castle line on behalf of HM Shpping Controller, 1919.
Florence   Donald Currie Employed on the south african coast from 1873 to 1889, originally owned by the Leith Hull and Hamburg line.
Fort Salisbury 1895 Bucknall line sister to Johannesburg and Buluwayo.
Frieda Woerman 1914   Last of the "German West" coasters, leaving capetown dcks, 1914.
Galeka 1900   Intermediate steamer, sunk by mine off Cape la Hogue, 1916.
Galician   Union- Castle  Intermediate steamer, which had an exciting encounter with the german raider Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse during the early days of the war.
Galway Castle 1917   Galway Castle ashore at East London, 1917. She is painted wartime grey. Casings at etreme end of ppop concealantisubmarine gun.
Galway Castle 1918   Her back broken, sinking after being torpedoed, 1918.
Galway Castle 1911   Intermediate steamer, sister to Guildford Castle and Gloucester Castle. Imrpved Grantully Castle type.
Ganbia     Wreck of the Cape and Natal liner, at Elizabeth, 1871.
Garonne 1878   3.800 tons. First of the regular Orient Liners to touch at Table Bay
Garth Castle (I) 1881 Castle line sister to the ill-fated Drummond Castle
Gascon 1897   Intermediate steamer. Sister to Gaika and Goorkha
Gaul 1893 Union Line First intermediate built for the Union Line
Geelong 1904 Lund´s Blue Anchor Line  
German I 1877 Union Line  
German II 1899 Union Line Intermediate steamer, Fourth and last type. fterwards re-named Glengorm Castle, sister to Galeka and Galician
Gertrud Woerman   DOAL The fourth Gertrud Woermann, emplyed in the "Round Sfrica" service of the DOAL from 1907-1914
Gertrud Woerman II 1904 DOAL Off to the Herreo war in German South-West Africa. Gertrud Woermann (II) leaving Hamburg with troops to quell the raising in 1904. This ship herself was wrecked on thew coast near Swakopmund in 1904
Gertrud Woerman I 1903 DOAL The first Gertrud Woermann, wrecked off the coast of South-West Africa, 1903.
Glenart Castle     H.M. Hospital Ship, formerly Galician, torpedoed and sunk 1918.
Gloucester castle 1917   H.M. Hospital Ship, after being torpedoed, 1917.
Gloucester Castle 1917   H.M. Hospital Ship, after being torpedoed, 1917.
Golden Fleece 1852    
Goorka 1897 Union Line Intermediate steamer, third type, sister to Gascon and Gaika.
Goth 1893   The first steamers specially designed for the intermediate service of the Union Line were the sisters Gaul, Greek and Goth.
Gothic 1893 Shaw Savill & Albion (White Star)  
Gothland 1872 Donald Currie The second steamer sent to the Caoe by Donald Currie.
Grantully Castle I 1887   Leaving Dartmouth
Grantully Castle (II) 1910 Union- Castle Intermediate steamer, sister to Garth Castle (II)
H.M. Hospital ship Grantully Castle 1915   Off Salonika, 1915
Great Britain     In her day the world´s wonder-ship, 3.200 tons. In Table Bay, 1852
Great Eastern 1869   The famous steamship of the 19th century, from a photograph taken in Table Bay in December 1869.
Greek 1893 Union Line Intermediate steamer, fisrt type. Sister to Gaul and Goth
Guildford Castl 1914-18   Intermediate steamer, as a hospital ship. She was sunk in collision near Hamburg i 1933
Guleph 1894 Union Line Intermediate steamer, second type. A class by herself.
Gunnaren 1930   Swedish cargo-passenger motorship, 3.300 tons.
Herlech Castle 1894   Intermediate steamer
Hawarden Castle 1883 Castle line Sister to Roslin Castle and Norham Castle
Helius 1904 Union Castle Taken over from the Houston Line in 1904
Hermes 1901   Wreck of the Houston Liner HERMES, Blaauwberg beach, Table Bay 1901
Herzog 1896 D.O.A.L.  
H.M. Transport Himalayan 1850   Another "Leviathan" that visited the Cape in the ´fifties.
Hindostan 1842 P&O  A notable visitor to the Cape in the early days of steam. Eastrn pioneer of the P&O, 1842.
HMSGoodHope 1914   Sunk by von Spee at the Battle of Coronel, Nov. 1, 1914. This cruiser was laid down as the AFRICA, but her name was changed to Goiod Hope as a compliment to the people of the Cape.
HMSOrbita 1915 Pacific Line In Simon´s Bay, 1914. One of the many armed merchant cruisers that visited the Cape during the Great War.
HMS Ships 1914   Ready to attack von Spee, british warships in Simon´s Bay.November 29, 1914

HMS Albion, Minotaur, Weymouth, Hyacinth, Dartmouth, Astraea and Armadale Cstle

Hope 1840   South Africa´s first coasting steamer, the HOPE, wrecked near Cape St. Francis, March 1840.
Houtman 1931 K.P.M. Which inaugurated the services between Batavia and the Cape