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Iceland 1872   First steamer dispatched to the Cape by Donald Currie
Illovo 1890 Rennie "Aberdeen direct" liner
Ingfoma 1913 Harrison-Rennie  
Inswiza 1899 Rennie Aberdeen direct" liner
Intaba 1910 Rennie´s Aberdeen Line Las vessel built for Rennie´s Aberdeen Line
Inyati 1896 Rennie  
Johannesburg 1895 Bucknall Pioneer of Bucknall´s passenger service
Kadie 1864 Barry Well known as a trader between Capetown and the now forgotten harbour of Fort Beaufort, Barry´s coaster Kadie on thepatent slip at Capetown, about 1864
Kadie 1860 Barry A well-known Cape Coaster of the ´sixties; off Malagas, in the Breede River, Cape of Good Hope
Kafir 1874 Union Line Union coaster crossing the Bar at Durban.
Kamakura Maru 1929 Nippon Yusen Kaisha At Capetown 1929, showing the original black smoke-stack of the NYK
Kanzler 1892 D.O.A.L.  
S.S. Karanja 1931 British India Durban-Bombay mail service
Kenilworth Castle 1904 Union-Castle Sister to Armadale Castle
Kigoma 1914 D.O.A.L. Last pre-war vessel of the DOAL, after the war she `was placed in the SouthAfrican service as the Hamburg Amerika liner TOLEDO
Kildonan Castle 1899   Sister to Kinfauns Castle (II)
Kinfanus Castle 1899 Donald Currie Caper mail steamer Kinfauns Castle, 9.664 tons, undergoing trials on the Clyde in 1899.
Kinfauns Castle (I) 1880   Sister to Grantully Castle,one of the first ocean going steamships to be constructed of steel.
Kinfauns Castle (II) 1899   Sister to Kildonan Castle
Koerber 1904-1906 Austrian Lloyd An austrian rival to the german East African Liners. Durban- Trieste service 1904-1906
Kurfurst 1904 D.O.A.L. When still a new steamer she was wrecked off the coast of Portugal
Lady Joceyln 1852 General Screw  England - Cape - India mail service
Leasowe Castle   Union-Castle Line Government-owned but  operated by Union-Castle Line. Torpedoed and sunk, 1917
Leutwein 1896   Which inaugurated the Woermann coasting service between Germany, South West Africa and Capetown in 1896.
Lisboa 1910 Portugal Wrecked near Saldanha Bay, 1910
Lismore Castle 1891 Castle Line The evolution of the intermediate steamer. Sister to Doune Castle
Llandovery Castle 1914   Sister to Llanstephan Castle. Specially designed for teh East African service, lost during the War.
Llandovery Castle 1918   H.M. Hospital Ship, torpedoed and sunk, with terrible loss of life, 1918.
Llandovery Castle 1925   The second Llandovery Castle, sister to Llandaff Castle
Llandovery Castle (I) 1915   Leaving Capetown for the last time, November 27, 1915
Llangibby Castle 1930   Intermediate motorship, the first passenger moto-liner to encircle Africa
Llanstephan Castle     In war paint, leaving Capetown for her first journey as a mail steamer, August 1914
Llanstephan Castle 1914   Travelling in the danger zone in 1917. Painted gray, with all boats lowered.
Llanstephan Castle 1914   East African Steamer, sister to Llandovery Castle
Loch Jetty- Capetown 1899   Tantallon Castle on left, Briton on right.
Lusitania 1906   Portuguese liner Lusitania, wreccked off Cape Point in 1911, from a photograpg taken at Lobito Bay in 1906