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Madagascar 1857 Rennie Carried mail and passengers between Natal and the Cape, 1857/1858
Marathon 1904 Aberdeen Line Before lengthening, sister to Miltiades
Marathon   Aberdeen Line After lengthening
Marc Anthony 1871 Cape and Natal Steam Navigation Co. One of their chartered vessels
Matabele 1885 Rennie Second Steamer of Rennies┤Aberdeen Direct" line
Medic 1899   Pioneer of the "Colonial" service of the White Star Line. Sister to Afric and Persic
Melrose 1877 Donald Currie Coaster
Memnon 1842 East India Co, In Table Bay, 1842, one of several steamships sent out to India via the Cape for the services of the Hon. East India Company.
Mendi 1917   Lost in collision in the english chanel, 1917, taking down with her hundreds of South African natives.
Mexican 1883 Union Line Showing the sombre uniform black at one time adopted by the Union Line
Mexican 1883 Union Line Sunk in collision near Capetown, 1900
Mitiades 1904 Aberdeen After lengthening
Miyazaki Maru 1916 N:Y:K: Japanese mail steamers diverted to the Cape Route 1916-1918. Sister to Hirano Maru, both ships were torpedoed and sunk
Moor 1883 Union Line A Cape "Flyer" of the ┤eighties, a photo taken after she was lengthened.
Moor 1882 Union Line before lengthening. Sister to Athenian
Moor     After lengthening, as a Union-Castle Liner.
Namacqua   Berry Coaster which ran between Capetown and Port Nolloth during the ┤eighties.
Natal 1866 Union Line Employed on the South African Coast.
Natalian 1866 Diamond Line SS Natalian in Algoa Bay. Belonging to the Dimond Line,the first rival to the Union Line-
Nautilus 1890 Smith Webster Coaster at Hoetjes Bay, Cape fo Good Hope, 1890
Nemesis 1840   The Nemesis, first iron steamship to round the Cape of Good Hope, 1840, a contemprary artist┤s conception of the Cape of Storms.
Nestor 1913 Blue Funnel Line  
Newark Castle 1902 Castle Line "Extra" steamer, wrecked off the coast of Zululand in 1908
Nieukerk 1929 Holland Afrika Line  
Nineveh 1894 Aberdeen In Capetown docks.
S.S. Norfolk     To Australia via the Cape in the ┤seventies. Belonging to Money Wigram┤s line of auxiliary steamers, by which "the best people" traveleed to Australia before teh days of the Orient Steam Navigation Co.
Norham Castle 1885 Donald Currie Steamer At Dartmouth, embarking mails and passengers for the Cape, 1885.
Norman (II) 1894 Union Line  
Norman II 1894 Union Line  
Norseman I 1866 Union Line  
Nubian 1876 Union Line before lengthening
Nubian   Union Line After being lengthened
Nyanza 1877 Union Line Deck view
Nyassa   Companhia Našional de Navegašao Portuguese liner,originally Norddeutscher Lloyd SS BŘlow.
Orca 1926 American Cruising Line The first of the American Cruising Liners, at Capetown 1926
orient 1880   A famous "Via Cape" liner of the last century, S:S: Oriente, 5.100 tons, which broke the Cape record in 1880.
H.M. Transport Orontes 1870   A frequent visit to the Cape during the ┤seventies. The body of the Prince Iperial was taken to England in this ship.
Orsova 1916 Orient Line Diverted from Suez to the Cape route, Orient Liner at Capetown, 1916
Oswesty Grange 1906 Houlder Line A typical unit in the Federal.Houlder-Shire joint service to Australia via the Cape, 1906-1912
Paparoa 1899 New Zealand Shipping Company  
Pembroke Castle 1883 Castle line On board which ir Donald Currie entertained Royalty on a lavish scale
Pericles 1908 Aberdeen Line A new type of liner, wrecked off the coast of Australia in 1910
R.M.S. Phoebe 1858 Union Line The fourth Union Liner to come to the Cape
Pongolla 1882 Bullard King The first steamers of Bullard King┤s "Natal Direct" line: Congella and Pongola at Durban, 1882.
Portugal 1906 Empreza Našional de Navegašao Portugal. Which in 1906 inaugurated te regular E.N.N. service between Lisbon and portuguese East Africa via Capetown.
Praesident 1914 D.O.A.L. Acted as auxiliary to the german cruiser K÷nigsberg in East Africa in 1914.She is now a hulk in Saldanha Bay.
Pretoria 1878 Union Line after alteration
Prinz Regent 1904 D.O.A.L.  
Porfessor Woermann     The prize steamer Professor Woermann (Renamed Professor) a well known transport employed during the "German West" campaign 1914-1915
R.M.S. Propontis   General Screw Company The second mail steamer to reach te Cape