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Imagen Nombre Año Compañía Comentarios
Queen of the Thames 1871 Devitt & Moore Australian steamer wrecked near Struys Bay, Cape of Good Hope, 1871
Raglan Castle 1897 Castle Line Interm,ediate steamer, sister to Dunolly Castle
Rand Fontein 1920 Nederlandsche Zuid Afrika  
Reichstag 1890 DOAL German liner which inaugurated the East frican services of the DOAL in 1890.
RMS Rimutaka 1884 New Zealand Shipping  
Rio de Janeiro Maru 1929 Osaka Shoshen Kaisha Janapese motorship, employed in the round-the-world service
Roman (I)   Union line after being lengthened
Roman I 1863  Union Line Before lengthening
Roman II 1890 Union Line Intermediate steamer, formerly RMSP NILE, purchased in 1890
Roslin castle 1883 Castle Line Ofte spokenof as the "Rolling" Castle
Roslin Castle 1883 Casle Line Which rushed the first troopsout to South Africa after the outbreak of the Boer War in 1899.
Rotorua 1910 New Zealand Shipping Company Torpedoed and sunk, 1917.
Ruahine (I) 1891 New Zealand Shipping Company  
Runic 1900 White Star "Colonial" steamer, sister to Suevic
Salamis 1899 Aberdeen Line In Capetown docks
Saxon (II) 1863 Union Line Sister to Roman (I)
Saxon (III) 1888 Union Line coaster, at East London
R.M.S. Saxon 1900   Leaving Capetown docks
R.M.S. Saxon IV 1900   First class library.
Scot 1891 Union Line Rival of the Dunnotar Castle
Scot 1891 Union Line First class smoking room
Scot 1891 Union Line First music saloon
Scot 1891 Union Line Before lengthening
R.M.S. Scot   Union Line After lengthening
S.S. Sinodoro 1916 Rotterdam Lloyd En route from Batavia to Holland . One of the dutch liners diverted from Suez to the Cape route, 1916.
Sophocles II 1922 Aberdeen Line Sister to Diogenes
Sparthan 1881 Union Line As a troopship, in appearance similar to Athenian and Moor but had only two masts.
Suevic 1907 White Star Line Ashore off the Lizard, 1907
Suevic 190?   The bows of the SUEVIC on the rocks at the Lizard
Syria 1871 Union line purchased from the P&O in 1871, when the opposition of the Cape and Natal Line was causing the Union Line some uneasiness.
Cape town harbour     Showing the congested state of the harbour. 
Capetown harbour     Table Bay  during the Boer War- Boer War
Tabora 1912 D.O.A.L. Destroyed by british cruisers at Dar - es- Salaam during the War
Tainui (I) 1884 Shaw, Saville & Albion  
Tainui (II) 1908 Shaw Sabill & Albion  
Tantallon Castle 1901 Union-Castle line Wreck of the Tantallon Castle on Robben Island, Capetown 1901
Tantallon Castle     First class promenade deck on poop, 1894
Tantallon Castle 1894 Union-Castle Line Wrecked on Robben Island, Capetown, 1901
RMS Tartar 1883 Union Line  
Taymouth Castle 1885   Capetown docks, Taymouth Castle on the left, Hawarden Castle on the right.
Taymouth Castle 1877 Castle Liner  
Teuton 1881 Union Liner Went down near Quoin Point, Cape of Good Hope, in 1881 with terrible loss of life.
Thermophylae 1891 Aberdeen Line Wtecked at Green Point, Capetown in 1899
Thermophylae 1899 Aberdeen Line Wreck of the liner at Green Point, Capetown 1899
Termophylae 1930 Wh. Wilhelmsen A Norwegian "flyer", 6.655 tons, one of Wh. Wilhelmsen´s fast motorships engaged in the Norway- Africa- Australia service.
Timavo   Italian liner Employed in the "Rpinf Africa" service of the Navegazione Libera Triestina
Tintagel Castle 1896 Castle Line Intermediate steamer, sister to ASvondale Castle, after removal of the yards.
Tongariro 1901 New Zealand´s shipping Co.  
RMS Trojan 1881 Union Line  
Tyndareus 1917   Troopship, a victim of the Wolf´s mines, in False Bay, February 1917
Tyrian 1890 Union Line Coaster