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Beautiful photo of Warrior

Warrior just prior to completion

Warrior in her element

Warrior with tugs

Micmac seen from Warrior

Post-RCN Warrior

Post-RCN Warrior (2)
1946 - 1948
Starting Over
  HMCS Warrior

HMCS Warrior (the ship)
HMCS Warrior was the first aircraft carrier that was commissioned in the RCN, although she was being loaned from the Royal Navy.  She was built by Harland and Wolff; was laid down on December 12th, 1942; launched on May 20th, 1944; and was commissioned on March 14, 1946.
Early in her career, it was discovered that she was not equipped with the proper heating she would need for operations in the harsh North Atlantic, as the RN had been using her in the much warmer Indian Ocean.  On her first winter in Canada, she had to sail to the west coast so she could escape the ice and cold.  In 1948, she was sent back to the RN in exchange for HMCS Magnificent, which was much better suited to the rigors of operation in the Atlantic ocean.  After returning to the Royal Navy, Warrior was upgraded with an angled flight deck and served admirably there until 1958, when she was transferred to the Argentine Navy and renamed Independencia.

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Warrior's Crest
HMCS Warrior, Improved Colossus Class Light Fleet Carrier
After Canadian service, commissioned as HMS Warrior, HMS Brave, and the Argentine Independencia
Displacement 13,350 tons, and 18,300 tons full load
Dimensions -Length on flight deck: 700' 0"
-Length on waterline: 682' 0"
-Beam on waterline: 80' 0"
-Draught: 23' 0"
-Breadth of flight deck: 112' 2"
Propulsion Parsons single-reduction geared steam turbines, four Admiralty 3-drum type 350psi boilers, two shafts; 40,000hp
Speed Maximum: 25 knots
Range 12,000 nautical miles at 14 knots.
Crew 1300
Aviation Around 34-48 aircraft, including:
825 & 826 Squadron's Fairey Firefly FR.I's
803 & 883 Squadrons' Supermarine Seafire Mk.XV's
Flight Deck 211.84m (695')
Hangar ?
Radar ?
Sonar ?
Armament Six quadruple two-pounder pompom AA, up to thirty-two 20mm Oerlikon AA or twelve to twenty-one 40mm Bofors AA (usually nineteen Bofors)
Pendant 31
Captain Frank L. Houghton, CBE
Jan '46 - Jan '47
Commodore Harry G. DeWolfe, CBE, DSO, DSC
Jan '47 - Mar '48
Commissioned   January 24th, 1946
Paid Off March 23rd, 1948