Jim Mandelblatt nos ha enviado las fotos que se ven aqui del USS Catfish, que mas tarde fuera el ARA Santa Fé-

Jim tambien mantiene un sitio web acerca del submarino USS Requin, que esta en .Este submarino esta actualmente preservado en su ciudad de Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


dp. 1870 tons (surf) 2391 tons (subm); l. 311.7'; b. 27';
s. 20.25k (surf) 8.5k (subm); td. 400'; a. 6-21" tt. fwd., 4-21" tt. aft;
cpl. 6 officers, 60 enlisted men, cl. "BALAO"

Keel laid down by Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics Co., Groton, CT, 6JAN44;
Launched: 19NOV44; Sponsored by Mrs. John J. Crowley;
Commissioned: 19MAR45 with LCdr William A. Overton;
Decommissioned: 10DEC48;
Recommissioned: 24OCT50;
Decommissioned and struck from the Navy List 1JUL71 and sold to Argentina;
Sunk as Santa Fe during Falklands War in harbor at South Georgia.

USS CATFISH (SS-339) sailed from New London 4 May1945 arriving at Pearl Harbor 29 June 1945. After training and installation of new equipment, she proceeded to Guam for special training, then departed on 8 August for her first war patrol, a special mission to locate a minefield off Kyushu. When the cease fire order was given 15 August, CATFISH was ordered to the Yellow sea for surface patrol and lifeguard duty. She returned to Guam on 4 September, thence to the West Coast, arriving at Seattle, Washington, 29 September.

Based at San Diego California, CATFISH operated locally on the West Coast and made two cruises to the Far East during which she conducted simulated war patrols and provided services to the 7th Fleet.

339c.jpg (22238 bytes)In August 1948 CATFISH departed for an overhaul and conversion to a GUPPY II. This conversion streamlined the hull superstructure, a new sail to replace the open conning tower and periscope/radar shears, installation of a snorkel system, high capacity batteries, and other enhancements. These modifications allowed CATFISH to run submerged ("snorkel depth") on diesels rather than batteries. In May 1949 she emerged from the yard for a period of training and familiarization.

In 1950 CATFISH embarked on a training cruise to the Far East. While at Guam, the Korean conflict broke out, and CATFISH remained in the Far East until transiting back to San Diego, arriving 20 October 1950.

She made 1 patrol in the Sea of Japan in support of U.N. Forces in Korea.

In August of 1952, CATFISH made an Alaskan training cruise. In 1954, 1956, & 1958 CATFISH made additional tours of the Far East.

339b.jpg (28483 bytes)In 1960 CATFISH arrived at Mare Island naval Shipyard for an overhaul. She also received a so-called "NORTH ATLANTIC" sail and improved superstructure made of plastic. This greatly reduces the amount of maintenance needed to fight corrosion and rust.

At the completion of the overhaul CATFISH returned to San Diego and conducted additional Far East cruises in 1960, 1962, 1964, and 1965. She also participated in joint anti-submarine warfare exercises with Canadian forces, and conducted training cruises for Naval Reservist.

In 1971 CATFISH was decommissioned and struck from the Naval Register. She was sold to Argentina and renamed Santa-Fe.

In 1982 during the Falklands War Santa-Fe was hit by British forces. Deemed too costly to economically repair as a war prize she was sunk in Grytvyken Sound, South Georgia .

CATFISH was awarded 1 battle star for World War II service.