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HMS Rose / HMS Surprise





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Foto tomada  http://www.tallshiprose.org/
Welcome aboard the "HMS" Rose, a replica of an 18th century Royal Navy frigate that cruised the American coast during the Revolutionary War.

Built in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, the Rose recently appeared as the HMS Surprise in the 20th Century fox film Master and Commander: Far Side of the World starring Russell Crowe and directed by Peter Weir.

Rose is a U.S. documented vessel, inspected and certified by the U.S. Coast Guard as a Sailing School Vessel. As such she meets different safety standards than those for passenger vessels. Persons sailing aboard Rose participate in the ship's operation to the best of their ability. Rose meets or exceeds all U.S. and international safety requirements for a vessel of her size and class.
Full Rigged Ship
Length Overall
179 feet
Length On Deck
135 feet
Height of Main Mast
130 feet
500 tons
Sail Area
13,000 sq feet
13 feet
32 feet
Auxiliary Power
Twin Diesel Engines



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