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Tuesday, 22nd November.

Fetched up at a small log station where we took wood, as we feared running short of coal; steamed on at 4.a.m. and soon got into a jolly good storm, which ceded the until now rather suffocating atmosphere. Heavy rain prevented our landing at San Ignacio, and when it rains it is the wettest I've met (the rainfall of Misionese is eighty inches in the Year! ) - so we held on to Posadas, where we arrived at 10.30 a.m., and crossing over to Villa Encarnacipn, we were satisfied with a look at this draggled wretched looking place, and returned to Posadas, the rain holding off. Holt and Greene landed to send telegrams, interview the Governor,etc., etc., "Admiral Flowers" said how-de-do, and White and I landed in the afternoon, first putting on some decent clothes as our baggage from Santo Tome had turned up.

 We then transferred our belongings to the steamer "Uruguayo"; quite a nice large passenger boat for Corrientes City (down stream), called on the Governor, received a deputation of Freemasons, headed by the Federal Judge, an excellent man, dined the Governor at the Hotel Paris, and after bidding adieu went on the "Uruguayo" where we tried to get a night's rest, though the mosquitos had a good deal to say to the contrary.

Arriving on the return journey from the I-guazú. Posadas, the point shewing up with barracks. Passengers from a river steamer going ashore at Posadas.
Looking at Villa Encarnacion, opposite of Posadas, on the Paraguayan side

Wednesday, 23rd November.

Left Posad'as at 7.30 a.m.  wet day; another storm last night; torrential rain as before; atmosphere clear, are steaming down comfortably. Good packet this; went over the Apipe rapids; one sees the rush, but otherwise hardly perceptible the decline. Called at several small ports, Ituzaingo, Ibicuy,Itai-Ibatéy, Yahapey, Itati and Paso de la Patria; took in country produce and exchanged passengers; bed early.

Thursday , 24th November .

 Arrived at Corrientes City at 4. a.m. Delighted to find we had to kick up our heels in this place, capital of the Province of the same name, until Saturday morning, owing to an admirable system of combination observed in this part of the world, by which no steamer, train or diligence ever by any possible chance at any time combines or connects to at any monent, never, nunca jamas bajo ningun concepto advance one's travelling wishes under a delay of at least 48 hours as a reasonable time to ponder over one's movements and the sin of ever being in a hurry.

We avoided the questionable comfort of an hotel and were able to sleep  on the "Uruguayo", had two good meals at a restaurant, the "Buenos Aires", wandered about a good deal, visited the Church of "The Cross" and messed round generally.

Washerwoman hard at work on the coast near to Corrientes City. Alongside Corrientes wharf, Alto Paraná river, orange steamers on the way down to Buenos Aires
Government House, Corrientes City An old house in the city of Corrientes

Church of the Sacred Cross, Corrientes City. The legend is that in Jesuit times, the converts were attacked by indians, thousands....& the fathers appeared with the rough wooden cross (now preserved in this old church) at their head, when the arrows and spears....- ing at the sight, the attackers were then and there converted to the Romish Church, and became devout followers of the Romish priests.

A street corner, Corrientes, "compadres" talking over the news a... thinking about the inevitable....(portions not visible)

Corrientes City. Barracks and prison, just by the railway station where we started on our return journey to Buenos Aires

A street corner in Corrientes City

Friday, 25th November.

A train actually came in from somewhere amid much excitement , our private car arrived by same means, shifted our baggage to same, sent off and received numerous telegrams, dined at railway terminus, mosquitos awful, hunted us silly until we took refuge under otr respective nets.

Saturday, 26th November

Left Corrientes at 10. a.m.crossed the whole of the Province of Corrientes, not at all exciting, arrived at Monte Caseros 10. p.m. Saw Lyell, called on his sister for a minute at their house at the terminus, saw Lady Jackson and other friends, Budge met us, tacked on his car and at 11 p.m. we were off to Concordia.

Sunday November 27th.

 Arrived at Concordia 5.30 a.m., Holt and I coffee'd and had a bit of "tiger" with Budge in the shade of his garden, orchids and Easter Lilies simply superb. Left at 6.30 a.rr. travelled over Holt's line, went to Villaguay, capital of the department of that name in the Province of Entre Rios, was having a shower-bath in the car when we arrived there. Thence on to Basabilbaso (junction) Mrs.Holt and Garrod, our Chief Engineer, joined us and went with us to Concepcion del Uruguay, where the Company's combination Stearner "Rivadavia" was waiting us.

Quite 50 or 60 passengers, and at 6.p.m. we were away from the pier, waving our adieus to good Holt, his charming Señora and Garrod. A lovely run down, and a quiet night.

Monday 28th November.

 Passed Martin Garcia island at about 5.a.m. arriving at Buenos Aires, South Basin, at 9.a.m., after enjoying the most perfect journey it has been my good fortune to make, and with regret I parted with my most excellent companions, though the regret is sweetened by the anticipation of the warm welcome awaiting me at home at our dear little "Rosemary".

Buenos Aires, December 1904.


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