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UP THE ALTO PARANA - 1904 - Pág. 5

Fotografias de las cataratas

This is the first view you have of the falls, from the Hotel Verandah Closer and looking into detail, these are the San Martin falls.
San Martin Falls San Martin Falls
Campos Salles falls, Brazilian side, spray so dense one cannot get a better view. San Martin falls, end near to Union Falls, Spray very heavy he..
Looking at the Union Falls Rapids below the Falls, near here we bathed, the Massage bath!
Another view of the San Martin Falls Rapids above the Falls
Victoria Falls, named after Miss Victoria Aguirre Lanusse Falls, named after the present governor of Misiones.
Lanusse Falls Below the Lanusse & Victoria Falls
Looking up at the Lanusse Falls Looking through the trees at the Lanusse Falls


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