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FRITANIC - Primera pagina dedicada no solo a los pasajeros del Titanic, si no a todas aquellas personas que hacen posible que se mantenga la memoria del buque. 
El_TITANIC- Magnífico sitio en español, llevado en forma privada por Carlos Petaus. Recomendada!!
Titanic & Her Sisters - information on the White Star Line ships RMS Titanic, RMS Olympic, HMHS Britannic
NOVA: Titanic's Lost Sister - story of the Britannic, which sank during World War I off the coast of Greece.
Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic - the sister ships from the White Star line.
The Maritime History Virtual Archives webpage has compiled an impressive body of information on the Titanic, possibly the most famous shipwreck of all time. This site also includes links to many other Titanic sites. Another must see Titanic Webpage is sponsored by Ocean Planet of the Smithsonian Institution. This page has hundreds of links.
RMS Carpathia  
RMS Britannic - history of Titanic's sistership, sunk during WWI while serving as a hospital ship.
Encyclopedia Titanica  - features illustrated biographies of thousands of passengers and crew, with photographs, supporting documents, films, and recordings. A.J.'s R.M.S. Titanic Page - includes crew list, timeline, passenger list, and more.
AKO Titanic Virtual Trial - providing a lesson in the U.S. legal system through the process of a mock trial based on actual events from the Titanic disaster. All Things Titanic - contains pictures, models, blueprints, and reproductions of documents.
Amazing Titanic - dedicated to the catastrophic tragedy that was the Titanic. Included photos, little known facts and history. Andrews, Thomas - chief designer of RMS Titanic. This site contains information on the life and work of this tragic hero, who went down with his ship after assisting passengers to lifeboats.
Brett's R.M.S. Titanic Page - in depth look at the greatest ship ever built. Details from the birth to the death of the Titanic. Britannica Online: Titanic - exhibit centering on the ship, with history, artifacts, and archival photographs.
Christian Boys' & Men's Titanic Society - dedicated to the proposition that the strong must sacrifice for the weak, and to the enduring legacy of those men who died that women and children might live. Dave's Titanic Information Page - history and controversy surrounding the Titanic.
Discover the R.M.S. Titanic - information and pictures. Father Thomas Byles - about the life and death of the brave Catholic priest who heard confessions and prayed with the people as the Titanic sank.
Franco's Titanic Page - all about the original Titanic, including the song of celine dion. George Behe's Titanic Tidbits - documenting the sinking of the passenger liner Titanic.
Godspeed Titanic - examination of the ill-fated liner and the media explosion that followed. Historical Titanic Resource - devoted to the memory of the Titanic. Includes construction, rescue efforts, and artifacts.
Irish Titanic Historical Society Jason's Titanic WebSite - information on the RMS Titanic and boating terms.
Jonathan's RMS Titanic Website - history of the ill-fated steamship, RMS Titanic, in pictures and text. Kristin's Titanic Site - information on the ship and the people.
Life & Death of the RMS Titanic - dedicated to the great ship that sank in 1912. Marcus Reilly's Titanic Page - dedicated to the great unsinkable ship.
Ocean Planet: How Deep Can They Go? - includes lots of links to Titanic information. On Board Titanic
Online Titanic Museum - memorial items as well as authentic artifacts removed from the ship prior to her sailing and ultimate demise. Original Titanic Scale Model Page - information about the Minicarft / Acadamy 1/350 scale Titanic model. Gold medal detail, where to find it, photos of the finished kit, chat room, message board, and much more.
Posted Aboard R.M.S. Titanic - few remember that Titanic was more than the fastest, longest, and most luxurious vessel of her time. She was also a “Royal Mail Ship.” R.M.S Titanic & Her Sister Ships
R.M.S Titanic Association - includes news, chat, and more. R.M.S. Titanic Facts
R.M.S. Titanic in Brazil - in Portuguese. R.M.S. Titanic Reading Room - descriptions of fiction and non-fiction books, children's books, poetry, drama, and documents; online reading room and a book exchange.
R.M.S. Titanic: No Longer Lost, No Longer Legend Real Titanic - includes chronology, passenger list, crew, ship plans, and photographs.
Remember RMS Titanic - dedicated to those who lost their lives in this tragedy. Richard Morgan's RMS Titanic Site - with information on the ship, the people, and the sinking.
RMS Titanic - events on what unfolded with the RMS Titanic - From her construction to her discovery. RMS Titanic & Her Sisters - pages dedicated to the White Star Line ships Titanic, Olympic, Britannic & others
RMS Titanic - Birth, Life, and Death - historical look at the famous ship. RMS Titanic by Ian Carter - a history of the ill fated ocean liner. Passenger list included.
RMS Titanic Resource Page - tribute to the hundreds who died that fateful morning of April 15, 1912. Includes technical information, transcriptions of old newspapers and more. Ron Acosta's Titanic Legacy - devoted and dedicated to the Titanic and her unforgetable legacy.
Royal Mail Steamship Titanic - information, pictures, chat, and statistics. San Francisco’s Assessor Tells Story of the Wreck of the Titanic - from which he escapes after thrilling experience.
Shadow of the Titanic: A Survivor's Story - about the biography of Miss Eva Hart, as told to Ron Denny Ship of Widows - reserve a cabin on Titanic, find the hidden page, or take a quiz.
SOS Titanic - historical account of the disaster and the people involved. Stories from the Titanic - includes biographical information on several Titanic personalities.
There Once was a Ship Named Titanic - limericks and poems celebrating the ship, her passengers, and crew. Tim's Titanic Page - a personal tribute.
Titanic - A Tragic Destiny - incorporates and expands upon many frequently asked questions on the Titanic discussion list. Titanic - An Introduction - info on the real Titanic, pictures from the movie and the real thing.
Titanic - An Alternate Theory - cause of the sinking from an ice pilot's perspective. Titanic - The Search for Answers - events that took place after the sinking of the Titanic.
Titanic - Voyage To Eternity - historical insight into the disaster, includes: photos - now & then; crew & passenger profiles, timeline of events; mailing list; and more. Titanic and Her Sisters - information on RMS Titanic, and her two sister ships Olympic and Britannic.
Titanic and Other White Star Ships - comprehensive look at the White Star Liner Titanic and other ships of the White Star Line. Includes text and photos. Titanic Convention 2002 - April 5-7, 2002. Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.
Titanic Disaster: An Enduring Example of Money Management vs. Risk Management - an essay by Roy Brander, a professoional engineer. Titanic Disaster: Official Casualty Figures and Commentary
Titanic Exhibition Online - presented by the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. Includes official photographs of the original ship. Titanic Files - documents culled from the national archives of England and the US, ranging from the SOS message to claims for lost cargo. From The Smoking Gun.
Titanic Forever Unforgotten - tribute to the souls lost on the Titanic. Titanic Forever: Internet Steamer
Titanic Heroes - including those from officers' bridge and wireless shack. Titanic Historical Society - dedicated to preserving Titanic history. Information on membership, activities, and offerings.
Titanic Holography Project - re-creating the wreck of the Titanic with 3-Dimensional laser holograms. Titanic Homeport - information on the world's greatest maritime disaster, the RMS Titanic. Links, pictures and downloads.
Titanic Information Site - highlights include biographies of passengers and survivors. Titanic Inquiry Project - provides access to electronic copies of both the US Senate and British Board of Trade Inquiries into the sinking.
Titanic Memorandum - from the National Archives. Titanic Quake 2
Titanic Report Titanic Resource, The - information on the Royal Mailing Steamer Titanic, Olympic, Brittanic and Lusitania.
Titanic-Titanic - includes quiz, statistics, details of conspiracy, and more - examines the history of the famous ship.
Titanic: A Great Disaster, A Great Discovery, A Great Movie - dedicated to everything Titanic: history, controversies, discovery, and the movies. Titanic: Destination Cyberspace - images and nautical books.
Titanic: The Legend Below Titanic: The Lifeboats - passenger list of the doomed vessle's lifeboats.
Titanic: The Real Deal in 3-D - from National Geographic. Titanic: The Ship That Wasn't Unsinkable - dedicated to the lives lost on April 15th, 1912.
Titanic: Then & Now - from product reviews to insurance claims, with graphics and charts. Titanic: What The Movie Left Out - facts and information about the world's most famous ship.
Tribute to the RMS Titanic - features information about the ship: its construction, passengers, crew, and voyage. Tribute to the RMS Titanic, A
Tribute to the Titanic from Belfast - brief outline of the Titanic with reference to other Titanic sites. Ulster Titanic Society - researching RMS Titanic, her sister ships, the White Star Line, and the development of the Harland and Wolff shipyard, her birthplace.
Unsinkable RMS Titanic - information about the "unsinkable" ship hitting an iceberg and sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Unsinkable Titanic - dedicated to the history behind Titanic and her sinking. Pictures, music, polls, quizzes, etc.
Unsinkable Titanic, The - My 30 year fascination of the great ship began... Warren's Titanic Page - find out about the ship.
WebTitanic - includes introduction, passenger lists, history, pictures, and more. Weird & Useless Facts About the Titanic - myths, and legends surrounding the Titanic and her crew.
Welcome to the Titanic - take an adventure on the Titanic Welcome to Titanic - offering facts surrounding the construction, maiden voyage, and discovery.
What really sank the Titanic? White Star Line's RMS Titanic - with a timeline, trivia quiz, and image gallery.
White Star Liners: Titanic Blueprints Zach Wile's Titanic Page - background on the conception, construction and tragic loss of the White Star Liner.
Usenet - alt.history.ocean-liners.titanic