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This webpage is really a back up of Paul Stam´s original site at http://paulsview.net/index.html. Paul has agreed that we reproduce in Histarmar the wonderful maritime art he shows and that you see below. But I reccomend that while you look at the pictures,and as Paul Stam lives in Hawaii you connect with http://www.onehawaiimusic.com/artists.kaukahi.asp and listen to hawaiian music. It´s worthwhile! And if you want to contact Paul, his addresses are below.

Esta página web es en realidad un back up del sitio original de Paul Stam http://paulsview.net/index.html Debido a que no sabe cuánto más estará en Internet, Paul ha consentido en que reproduzcamos en Histarmar los magníficos cuadros marítimos que verán más adelante. Pero les recomiendo que mientras ven estas maravillas y ya que Paul es de Hawaii, escuchen buena musica hawaiiana en: http://www.onehawaiimusic.com/artists.kaukahi.asp Vale la pena. Esto se publica en español e ingles para conocimiento de todos.

Y si alguno desea comunicarse con Paul Stam, su direccion es: paul@paulsview.net

Paul Stam
PJS Inc.
P.O. Box 660
Kaneohe, HI 96744-0660


Cuadros de Martin C. Heere (Author)

SS Ary Scheffer SS Venus SS Vondel SS Tjileboet SS Tjisaroea
SS Angers SS Amstelkerk SS Springfontein SS Flandria SS Gelria
SS Pancius SS Scheffer SS Riow SS Tjimanoek SS Venezuela

Tall Ships  - Grandes Veleros

From a time of which it was said that the ships were made of wood and the men made of steel.

De cuando se decía que los buques estaban hechos de madera y los hombres de acero.

Cuadros de John Stobart

Boston. waiting for the dawn-Esperando el amanecer   Faneuil Hall Market- Boston 1825 Hnery B Hyde leaving Pier 20 East River. El Henry B Hyde zarpando del muelle 20, rio del Este Maiden Lane by gaslight in 1882. Maiden Lane a la luz del gas.
Appleton´s Wharf in 1850- Muelle de Appleton en 1850 Nantucket- Sailing Day in 1841 - Nantucket, dia de zarpada en 1941 New Bedford from Cneter Street in 1884. New Bedford desde la calle central en 1884   Portsmouth- Merchant row in 1828- Portsmouth- camino de los mercantes en 1828
San Francisco - Moonlight departure- San Francisco, zarpada a la luz de la luna South Street in 1874 - La calle Sur en 1884 Statue of Liberty- New York Harbor 1886 - Estatua d ela Libertad, puerto de Nueva York 1886 Straight Wharf, Nantucket 1832 - Muelle recto, Nantucket en 1832. Sunrise over nantucket in 1835- Salida del sol en Nantucket en 1835

Cuadros de Christopher Blossom

"Arthur James" heading out "Allerton" on the East river Morning Set Brixham Harbor, circa 1902 December Moonrise
Yerba Buena Cove, San Francisco, August 1850, "Cohota" drying sails "Hellen G. Wells" leaving Gloucseter Heavy Weather "Henry B. Hyde" arriving in New York, 1886 Mackereling by moonlight: Schooner "Marguerite Haskins"
"Mayflower" off Cape Cod Boston Navy Yard Outer harbour, Brixham Witch of the Wave Winter Dawen at Boston´s T wharf
"Cutting in" in the Arctic Taking the tow "Benjamin Sewall" arriving in San Francisco Bay Among the rolling breakers Southport at Twilight, 1890
Before the gale Fancher´s Dock Dropping the tow, "Arthur James" leaving Gloucester Ship "Grace Harwar" evening: roaring forties Glucester Harbour from Smokey Point
Gloucester Mackerel Seiners View from SAmith´s Cove, Gloucester Silhouette "Qui Vive" entering Lowestoft Harbor "Morning tar", Hudon´s Bay, 1864
Tranquil Dawn Charlotte, New York, April 1856 Warping in, Port Blakely, 1903    

Cuadros de Roy Cross

The Bounty off Pitcairn island, 5 January 1790 The Ocean Sentinel The privateer Lynx off the coast of Maine, USA

Cuadros de Derek G. M. Gardner

Setting topgallants: The China Clipper Ambassador, 1870 The 28 gun frigate Boreas, Captain Horatio Nelson, 1787 Winter Sunrise: The Young America High Seas, tea-clipper Leander The recordbraking "Sovereign of the Seas"
    Sunshine and squalls - The tea-Clipper Ariel    

Cuadros de John Mitchell Graves

Gale coming on A good catch A King´s ship - A corvette in passing a squall over Portsmouth The Straits of Hormuz South West Coast

Cuadros de Geoff Hunt

Niña and Pinta raciong home, February 1493 Wager in the Great Southern Ocean, 1741 Tormented Giant- The Santisima Trinidad harried by Terpsichore Treason´s Harbour- Grand Harbour, Malta, HMS Surprise HMS Inconstant and L´Unite
  HMs Trusty in English Harbour, Antigua   Star clipper off Martinique, West Indies  

Cuadros de Mark R. Myers

Cap Frehel The Kaiulani off Diamond Head ?? At day dawn on Friday. Vancouver´s Votage begins, Falmouth, 1 April 1791 ??
  The Sv. Pavel off Lisianski Starit, 18 July 1741   Hands to reef tops´ls! (Convoy off the Cornish Coast)  

Sin nombre de autor, buques famosos

Cheng-Ho Treasure ship The Golden Hind Queen Anne´s Revenge H.M.S. Bounty H.M.S. Victory
USS Constitution Amistad Flying Cloud Mayflower Niña, Pinta y Santa María
    El buque de Gokstad    


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