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Imagen Nombre Año Compañía Comentarios
Ubena 1929 Deutsche Ost Afrika Linie  
Umgeni 1864   Pne of John T. Rennie´s "Aberdeen" clippers; in which many colonists travelled out to Natal in the early days.
Umgeni 1898   Natal direct liner, in which the South African deportees were taken to England after the labour troubles on the Rand in 1914
Umona 1890   Bullard King´s ship, wrecked off the Maldive islands in 1903.
Umona (II) 1910   Natal direct line
Umvolosi (II) 1902   Natal direct line
Umvoti II     Natal liner, formerly Comrie Castle
Umvuma 1914   Natal liner
Umzumbi 1904   Natal linr, sister to Umhlali
Usaramo 1920 DOAL The first post war liner built for the DOAL
Venice 1878/1898   Donald Currie´s. Employed on the South African coast fro 1878 to 1898.
Walmer Castle 1872 Union-Castle line First Castle steamer to come to the Cape.
Walmer Castle II 1902 Union Line Laid down for the Union Line, originally to have been named Celt.
Walmer Castle 1918 Union-Castle line War paint of 1918, the final phase of "dazzle", arriving at Liverpool from New York.
Walmer Castle II 1902 Union-Castle line  
Waratah     Austraian liner, which dissapeared misteriously between Durba and Capetown in 1909.
Waratah     First class music saloon of the Waratah
Warwick Castle 1877 Union-Castle line First class dining saloon of the Warwick Castle of 1877.
Warwick Castle 1931 Union-Castle line First class dining saloon of the Warwick Castle of 1931
Warwick Castle 1877 Union-Castle line The first Warwick Castle, after alteration.
Wilcannia 1899 Lund´s Blue Anchor Line Similar to Narrung and Wakool
Wiltshire 1919   With returning australian troops, at Capetown, 1919. Note antisubmarine gun on poop.
Winchester Castle 1930   Fisr class lounge.
Winchester Castle 1930   Royal mail motorship, sister to Warwick Castle.
RMS Windsor Castle II 1922   Sister to Arundel Castle (II)
Wolf 1917   German raider which laid minefields off the Cape in 1917, with disastrous results.